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Press / Business Contact Kenan Bölükbaşı (mailto:press@6x13.com)
Date 2017-08-18 17:25:42

1 Factsheet

6x13 Games
  • Based in İstanbul, Turkey
Founding Date
July 12, 2016
Press / Business Contant

Konak Mah. Izmir Yolu Cad. 93 7
16110 Nilufer/BURSA

+90 (542) 5362620

2 Description

6x13 Games is an independent game studio currently formed of Kenan Bölükbaşı and Tuğhan Yalgın, located in Istanbul, Turkey. We realize fresh, challenging and entertaining ideas through established design principles and authentic art-styles for mobile and PC platforms.

We are gamer-centric, we aim to deliver refined products and offer smoothest gaming experiences possible. We support and actively use Free/Libre and Open Source technologies.

3 History

6x13 Games began as a solo project of Kenan Bölükbaşı by the beginning of 2015. The non-stop work on a - yet to be announced - title was occasionally accompanied by long game design theory and ethics discussions with Tuğhan Yalgın.

The studio gets its name from Kenan's favourite font. 6x13 (also called "misc-fixed 6x13", or simply "fixed") is the legendary bitmap font -distributed with X server- that has helped developers write code with low-res displays, for decades. Even with display technologies of today, people still love it. We embraced the name as a symbol of doing so much with so little, for so long.

Tuğhan and Zeynep Özkan joined full-time in April. They collaborated on Ludum Dare Game Jam with the jam entry named Warigami - later renamed to 1FPS: Invaders. It was intended as a warm-up exercise for the newly formed team. The concept was inspired by the unique gameplay mechanics of the 80s' handheld consoles.

After about a year of game development, careful curation of the software stack and development of open source tools to aid game making process, the team released their debut titles, 1FPS series, in November 2016.

6x13's happy collaboration with Zeynep was limited to the first four 1FPS titles. As of early 2016, 6x13 Games consists of Kenan Bölükbaşı and Tuğhan Yalgın.

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8 Awards & Recognition

  • Twiniwt is globally featured in the AppStore Puzzle and Board categories as well as the AppStore Turkey homepage.

9 Press Coverage

Revive las viejas Game & Watch con '1FPS Retro Game'

retroManiac, RetroManiac Magazine

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6x13 Games allows for the contents of this page to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from this page is legally and explicitly allowed by 6x13 Games.

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12 Team

Kenan Bölükbaşı
  • Founder
  • Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Graphic Designer
Tuğhan Yalgın
  • Game Designer

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