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Press / Business Contact Kenan Bölükbaşı (
Date 2017-08-18

1 Factsheet

6x13 Games
  • Based in İstanbul, Turkey
Release Date
August 3, 2017
All store links available at
  • App Store (iOS - macOS)
  • Google Play
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows Store
  • PC / Mac / Linux (WIP)
Globally Featured on Puzzle and Board categories.
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2 Description

Twiniwt is an elegant, genre-defining symmetrical movement puzzle. As you solve the hundreds of puzzles, you also make and change the music of the levels.

Symmetry is going to be both your friend and your enemy within the game's more than 250 levels. If you move a block, its twin on the other region also moves symmetrically; but if you push the block with another one, its twin won't move. It is easier when the twins and their targets are positioned symmetrically the same. But when their positions are different, things get tricky. That is when you need to push the blocks with the other ones in order to fix target alignment among twins.

Additionally, the regions of the game board are circular. If a block is moved or pushed further the borders, it ends up at the other side. This adds even more depth to the puzzle; you should see each region as an infinite grid, and evaluate accordingly.

Throughout the hundreds of levels, you encounter different game mechanics that add up to the variety, ie:

  • Asymmetrical boards that utilize region circularity in a different way.
  • Levels with up to 4 regions, and 5 different blocks that will challenge your perception.
  • Restricted blocks that can only move to certain directions.
  • Inactive blocks that can only be pushed.
  • Locking targets that turns their blocks immovable.
  • Timed challenges that leave little space to think.
  • Collectibles that give you much needed bonus turns.

Levels of Twiniwt are designed with non-linear progression in mind. Altough it is best to follow the order in the early-game, solving 7 out of 10 levels is enough to unlock the next chapter. You can always go back and face those more challenging levels later, if you wish to do so.

Artwork is influenced by 80's retro game-art for parallax background as well as early 20th century De Stijl movement for color palette.

3 History

In spring of 2015, 6x13 was working on 1FPS: Retro Game Series, a modest (yet fun) testbed for the framework to be used in their following titles.

In a meeting during development, Tuğhan Yalgın suggested working on a casual puzzle in order to reach a broader audiance first, instead of working on the initially planned niche title. In response, Kenan Bölükbaşı came up with the idea of Twiniwt, describing the board structure and core mechanics of interaction.

Quick prototyping sessions have shown much potential for fun and addictive gameplay, as well as large space for puzzle variations and addition of complementary mechanics.

Nearly two months passed discussing the play value and implementation costs of potential complementary mechanics, as well as ensuring their interaction with core mechanics. It took tons of test levels and brainstorms on edge cases to make the game rock solid, on paper.

After that, the team shifted their focus back on finishing the framework and 1FPS titles. After completing the framework and releasing 1FPS in November 2016, development of Twiniwt continued with full pace.

Finally, two years and thousands of daily indie struggles later, Twiniwt was done.

4 Features

Only two rules

If you move a block, its twin also moves symmetrically; but if you push the block with another, its twin won't move.

250+ handcrafted levels

With a variety of fun, diverse mechanics introduced as you progress. Gamaplay mechanics are rock-solid, emergent and fun.

The music is you

Control and create the music of levels. Move the blocks, change the notes.

No wait mechanisms

Play whenever you want, as long as you want.

Non-linear gameplay

Unlock chapters, pick the level you want to play.

High replay value

All puzzles have multiple solutions. How you solve is up to you. You can even beat the designer's solution!

Beautiful visuals

Artwork is influenced by 80's retro game-art as well as early 20th century De Stijl movement.

5 Projects

Prior to Twiniwt, 6x13 has released 1FPS: Retro Game Series, consisting of 3 retro handheld console / watch inspired games:

  • 1FPS: Fastfood
  • 1FPS: Invaders
  • 1FPS: Vacuum

You may also find their respective press kit at:

And their download links for various app stores at:

6 Videos

7 Logo & Icon

8 Screenshots

9 Awards & Recognition

  • Globally featured in the AppStore Puzzle and Board categories as well as the AppStore Turkey homepage.

10 Feedback & Comments

  • Smart, unique and fun. Art is awesome, level design & game play is flawless. I can't stop playing!
    • Duygu Çakmak, Creative Assembly
  • Bringing a different perspective to the genre. Brief but thought igniting levels. Super creative soundtrack. Fun to play in between things. Strongly recommended for puzzle lovers.
    • Deniz Arın, ASML
  • Perfect time killer!
    • Alexander Kamentsev, Creative Assembly

11 Monetization Permission

6x13 Games allows for the contents of Twiniwt to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Twiniwt is legally and explicitly allowed by 6x13 Games.

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13 About 6x13 Games

13.1 Boilerplate

6x13 Games is an independent game studio currently formed of Kenan Bölükbaşı and Tuğhan Yalgın, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

13.2 More Information

More information on 6x13 Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

14 Team

Kenan Bölükbaşı
Founder, 6x13 Games
  • Project Leader
  • Game Designer
  • Developer
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UI & UX Designer
Tuğhan Yalgın
6x13 Games
  • Level Designer
  • Progression Designer
  • Audio Designer
  • QA & Playtesting
  • Content Creator

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