6x13 Games is an independent game development company located in İstanbul, Turkey. We realize fresh, challenging and entertaining ideas through established design principles and authentic art-styles for mobile and PC platforms. We support and actively use Free/Libre and Open Source technologies.
Developer of the globally featured puzzle title, Twiniwt, and 1FPS Retro Game Series.

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Project Leader, Game Designer, Developer, Multimedia Programmer, Artwork, UI & UX Kenan Bölükbaşı
Level & Progression Designer, Audio Designer, QA & Playtesting, Content Creator Tuğhan Yalgın

If you move a block, its twin also moves symmetrically; but if you push the block with another, its twin won't move.

With a variety of fun, diverse mechanics introduced as you progress. And even more to come!

Control and create the music of levels. Move the blocks, change the notes.

Artwork Zeynep Özkan
Game Designer Tuğhan Yalgın
Project Leader, Developer, UI & UX Kenan Bölükbaşı