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Press / Business Contact Kenan Bölükbaşı (mailto:press@6x13.com)
Date 2017-08-02 21:00:48

1 Factsheet

6x13 Games
  • Based in İstanbul, Turkey
Release Date
November 1, 2016
All store links available at 6x13.com.
  • App Store (iOS)
  • Google Play
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows Store
  • PC / Mac / Linux (WIP)
Free to Play
Press / Business Contant

2 Description

1FPS is a series of retro handheld console / watch inspired games. It brings back the fun oriented mentality of 80s with very easy to grasp controls, endless addictive gameplay, and complements those with pleasing to look at visuals which stay loyal to its conceptual roots.

  • Dodge the enemy spaceship attacks and make them shoot each other in the fully customizable world of 1FPS: Invaders.
  • Feed the hungry alien on time with burgers, drinks, and chips in 1FPS: Fastfood.
  • Challenge your perception and be the first one to make the right move in 1FPS: Vacuum.
  • Spray paint on the walls and refill your spray without getting caught as a space artist in 1FPS: Graffiti.

All of those you can do with only two buttons. But can you beat the highest score, or improve your previous one? 1FPS takes everything that is right with the 80s’ retro consoles, combines that with fresh ideas and the untapped potential of today’s mobile platforms.

3 History

1FPS series originally started in Ludum Dare Game Jam in April 2015 with the jam entry named Warigami - later renamed to 1FPS: Invaders. It was intended as a warm-up exercise for the newly formed team. The concept was inspired by the unique gameplay mechanics of the 80s' handheld consoles. The core gameplay idea came from Engin Güneşoğlu. Upon realizing the fresh and mobile friendly gameplay of the jam entry, the team decided to concentrate on the style for a while and turn it into a series. Thus, 1FPS was born. The name is a humorous reference to its nostalgic LCD screen animations.

1FPS also means the debut for 6x13 Games as a truly independent game studio.

4 Features

  • 4 different retro watch inspired games from slow to high-paced action.
    • Endless possibilities; customize your gameplay in any way you want with 1FPS: Invaders, or let the game pick up a random setting for you.
    • Educational gameplay that improves your intuition with 1FPS: Vacuum.
    • Pacey decision making fun with 1FPS: Fastfood.
  • All completely free to download and play.
  • Lightweight and highly optimized for mobile devices.
  • Beautiful colors, pleasing to look at visuals.
  • Nostalgic visual and sound effects.
  • Simple and mobile friendly controls; just two buttons.
  • Learn how to play in seconds; no overwhelming tutorials.
  • Endless gameplay; go as far as you can and beat the highest scores.

5 Projects

1FPS Series is the first project of the company.

After 1FPS Series, we released Twiniwt, the genre-defining symmetrical movement puzzle.

You may also find Twiniwt press kit at: http://6x13.com/press/twiniwt/en/

And their download links for various app stores at: http://6x13.com/

6 Videos

7 Games

7.1 1FPS: Fastfood

You are a service robot who works in an intergalactic fast food store. There is a very hungry alien who keeps ordering 3 different kinds of fast food: Soda, fries, burgers. You should watch the alien's hand, and try not to drop what it orders.

You should deliver (bounce) the order not to lose hit points, and deliver extra food to earn points. It is a simple quick desicion making game which may get complicated as it gets faster.

7.1.1 Logo & Icon

icon-fastfood.png logo-fastfood.png

7.1.2 Screenshots

01ff-fs8.png 02ff-fs8.png

7.2 1FPS: Invaders

An action arcade game in space with one big difference: You can't shoot! But you can make the enemy ships shoot each other as they try to hit you instead, and that's how you earn points. Game has two phases: Blue Phase where you dodge the attacks, and survive. And short Green Phase where you can replenish your health with the enemy missiles.

1FPS: Invaders comes with 3 different game modes. It also gives you many customization options in which you can set up your own levels, play with the game mechanics as you like.

7.2.1 Logo & Icon

icon-invaders.png logo-invaders.png

7.2.2 Screenshots

01inv-fs8.png 02inv-fs8.png
03inv-fs8.png 04inv-fs8.png

7.3 1FPS: Vacuum

An educational, intergalactic mathematics contest. You play as one of the two contestants. The aim is to solve basic math quizzes before your opponent does, compare whose result is bigger, and then take action accordingly. Every action you take in Vacuum has a consequence. Mistakes will cost you points, and even hit points.

The main rule is: bigger result wins. But that doesn't mean all is lost if your result is lower, you can "dodge" your opponent's move if you're fast. Likewise, having the bigger result means nothing, if your opponent dodges you before you discard first. As you keep playing, you'll start to be amazed at yourself that how faster you can solve than you think.

7.3.1 Logo & Icon

icon-vacuum.png logo-vacuum.png

7.3.2 Screenshots

01vc-fs8.png 02vc-fs8.png

8 Feedback & Comments

Nice game, nice homage to that handheld game and watch type games. -sebasRez

This really felt like playing the handheld LCD games I grew up with. Nice! -rjhelms

Cool idea. I like how hectic it gets as it speeds up. -2Bit

Really smooth gameplay and fun, nice job! -UannaFF

I simply love the style of your graphics, nice job! -keddelzz

9 Press Coverage

Revive las viejas Game & Watch con '1FPS Retro Game'

retroManiac, RetroManiac Magazine

10 Monetization Permission

6x13 Games allows for the contents of 1FPS Game Series to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from 1FPS Game Series is legally and explicitly allowed by 6x13 Games.

11 Additional Links

12 About 6x13 Games

12.1 Boilerplate

6x13 Games is an independent game studio currently formed of Kenan Bölükbaşı and Tuğhan Yalgın, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

12.2 More Information

More information on 6x13 Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

13 Team

Kenan Bölükbaşı
Founder, Developer, 6x13 Games
Tuğhan Yalgın
Game Designer, 6x13 Games
Zeynep Özkan
Concept Artist

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